Pottery is one of the most ancient of crafts. It's creation marks a stage of human evolution where we began to use our hands and the knowledge we had gained about our world to build something durable, functional and transformative. 

Our Story

Clay allows you to take a material that can be liquid, soft, crumbly, fragile, immerse it into nearly unbearable heat and draw out something altogether new. Hard, durable, given color through chemical collaboration and utter transformation. My work tries to be whimsical, functional, or adorable, hopefully all at once. Ceramics is a process driven craft, often taking weeks from working with wet clay to holding a glazed and fired piece in your hand. I'm always experimenting and learning so what's next is a little better than what came before it.

I do entertain special requests however lead times are very long and results will always be unique and one of a kind, sometimes despite my best efforts.